Daddy’s Girl Weekend

I have my Guppy badge (SinC), my pitch, and a small notebook.  Ready or not I am off to my first writer’s event.  I am very excited, there’s even an agent available!  It took me a year to write Dead in the Water.  That is from conception to the last editing.  I wrote it in secret, except for four people.  I needed their expertise so I had to come clean!  It has been a fun experience.  Yes, I said fun.  Even when I was rewriting it for the third time, it was still fun.

My favorite part was creating the characters.  I created huge lists of questions for my main characters to answer.  Then I took the advice of the only writer I know, and lived with my character for a week.  I wrote down everything my character would be doing at a given time.  That was an eye opener.  I noticed several flaws in my character development I needed to fix to make Coco more believable.

All the work was worth it.  I am proud of my little mystery.  I know if it gets picked up changes are inevitable… I can live with that.

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