My chaotic life….

I am still alive.  I have been in hiding for the past few months.  That’s not entirely true.  I have been licking my wounds from my first real rejection.  OUCH!  After help from a critique partner, and sharp eyes, I see my MS needs some serious work.  Mainly with voice and dialogue.  Hmmmm….when I heard the characters in my head they sounded great. 

During my break, my alter-ego was working on mini quilts for AAQI.  AAQI is a wonderful nonprofit that raises money for Alzheimer’s research.  While sewing I aggravated an old wrist injury.  Stop Laughing, quilting is dangerous-and not just to my weight.  Being unable to sew has sent me back to writing and facing my fears.

My wrist is immobilized and makes writing, and typing difficult.  hunt peck, hunt peck.  to get back into the swing of things I am challenging myself to free write for at least 10 minutes a day.  Yesterday, it was about torturing a jellyfish.  Calm down I wasn’t that brutal.  Those of you with your fur in a ruff must never have met a jellyfish.  This blog post is today’s 10 minute entry.  Yes, I know – that’s cheating, but I spent the day at a family pool party and need rest.

I have 3 submissions I am waiting to hear about, all short stories.  I will let you know how they end up.


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