When Gators Come Home to Roost

The recent rains have reminded me of an event that occurred to a friend of mine in high school. Stay with me. A hurricane caused the creek to overflow its banks. That’s nothing new. When the waters receded he walked outside to have a look around and a giant gator was in his backyard. He was lounging around like he owned the place. Trust me while he’s there, he does own the place.

What do you do if a gator gets too close to home?

  1. Bring the kids and the dog inside.  Gators love Fido.
  2. Don’t worry about the cat, he can climb.
  3. Call animal control to remove the beast from your yard.
  4. Eat popcorn and watch as they remove the beast.
  5. Lastly, embellish the story to amaze friends and family.

In all seriousness, gators do end up where they don’t belong and people can get hurt.  Growing up in the bayou you learn that. When swimming at Lake Shelby, keep an eye out for large reptiles.  Just don’t try to feed them, that’s a $500 fine.

What’s the strangest thing to wash up in your yard after a storm or flood?


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