Beach Pro

As I sit here, nursing a sunburn and sand rash, I realize I was not prepared for the beach. After $! years of beach trips under my belt, you’d think I’d know better. Of course, I feel the same way about my sun block application. My technique needs work. Anyway, I decided to make a list of beach essentials. Here we go:
1. Change of clothes, if you plan on going out to eat later or don’t want sandy, wet kids in the car.
2. Towels, plus extra ones, and a blanket or sheet for the kids to kick sand on while you read a book.
3. More snacks than a family of 4 could possible eat in any given day, water makes them hungry.
4. Chairs, see #2.
5. Lots of water and Gatorade, you don’t want to end up passing out.
6. Baby wipes, my beach no longer has showers. You need a way to get sand out of inappropriate places.
7. Sunglasses, hats, and enough sun block to protect a high school band during band camp.
8. A bottle of vinegar, this is helpful during jellyfish season. You don’t really want to pee on it.
9. Buckets, shovels, and assorted sand toys. Even if the kids are too old to build a sand castle, the grownups still love it.
10. Rafts, inner tubes, boogie boards, and skim boards. These are great for proving you are not too old to shred. That is until you wipe out and limp back to your chair. See #4.
11. Camera, preferably one with video capability. That way when your husband tries to relive his misspent youth on a skim board you make some quick cash at AFV.
I think that about covers it. WOW. A day at the beach is a lot like moving. I think we took less on a road trip to Washington DC….in winter.
What’s on your list?

2 thoughts on “Beach Pro

  1. Loved this post. I grew up going to the beach every year, but sadly, I.don’t get to go as much anymore. I would be the one “reliving” skiing whatever lol. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…


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