The Writer and Pinterest


A word of caution, Pinterest is addictive.  It can really cut into your writing time.  I know.  Here I am and I should be working on my WIP.

When I started using Pinterest it was a way to relax after work and look at eye candy.  Great pictures and pretty colors.  Kind of like jelly beans, fun but you can’t eat it for dinner.  Then I noticed pins related to writing.  Writing prompts, plot, characterization, etc..  I was amazed.  It had never occurred to me to pin articles about writing.  Now I have 414 (and counting) pins on writing.

As I continued to play, I came across boards that were obviously about characters or stories.  WOW.  I can  create a board that reflects certain characters and include articles or research that goes along with the story.

This board is about a character from one of my short stories.  She’s old and cranky.  Her one obsession, besides telling people how they are doing things wrong, is collecting porcelain houses.  I settled into my chair channeled my inner hag and created a board with things Ms. Stallworth would love.


Ms. Stallworth would never be on pinterest, heck she’d never use the internet.  But it was fun surfing the web looking for things that reflect her personality.

As mentioned above, I use Pinterest to contain research.  Recently, I researched gill nets, alligator meat, poisons from plants, and shot gun house floor plans.  I m still looking for a quick acting poison that causes vomiting but not death, but that’s another story.

This is a fun exercise after you know your character.  If you haven’t fully fleshed them out, I wouldn’t do this.  You run the risk of latching on to  a photo as inspiration, and it tends to limit your vision.  Pinterest, and Twitter, are the best tools in my procrastination arsenal, so beware.

If your main character was on Pinterest what would they pin?


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