Short Story Long- collection vs. single story

Forgive me if I sound crazed.  I was hit with a new idea last night and it kept me up past my bed time. Writer yawns and breaks off another piece of chocolate.  I just finished a short story, my first real fantasy.  It was a little hard to write at first but came together fairly easy.  I even enjoyed the editing process.  I’m still looking for a better title, but that will come.  My intention was to find a home for it in a magazine or e-zine.

Great plans… Last night another group of characters came to visit, and they brought with them an idea.  Instead of seeking publication now, wait.  Write a series of short stories set in the world I just created. Hmmmm, writer sips her tea and gazes out window as mosquitoes carry squirrel away.

A collection of short stories tied together with a common thread and theme.  Interesting idea.  I have enjoyed playing with this set of characters, expanding the world to see what else is there would be cool.  But a short story collection?  Not to be crude, but is that idea sell able?  I guess if it’s good it is.  If not I can break it up and send them out separately. Writer hears dog bark at Roux.  Barking ends abruptly.  Writer scratches feed Roux, off to-do list.

A short story collection brings with it a long list of questions:

  • How many stories make up a nice collection?
  • How many can a person read before getting board with the idea?
  • Should they range in style, say light fantasy to scary?
  • I know there are more, but that’s all my sleep deprived brain can handle….

What do you think about short story collections?


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