Row80- Own Your Dream

I decided to join Row80.  I’ve read a bit about it and have watched how others are meeting their goals.  So I thought, adding that to CampNaNoWriMo would be fun and extend the challenge a little.  This way my writing goals will extend past July.

My goals for Row80:

  1. Reading: find a new fantasy series I like.  I know that’s not really measurable. Read 1 fantasy novel a month.  Branch out in other genres I don’t usually read. Read 3 of the following: Science fiction, YA, Crime, Inspirational, or Romance.  I refuse to read horror.  A friend says I should add Nesbit or Lovecraft, we’ll see.
  2. Writing: this goes with CampNaNoWriMo.  My current WIP is actually a series of short stories. I have 5 shorts and I would like an even dozen.  So I need 7 more 😀 That means just written, not edited or revised.
  3. Edit/Revise: my novel Dead in the Water.  I have no idea how many pages I can edit in 80 days, so let’s pick a number…the first 100 pages.  Caffeine stat.
  4. Submit- This is always hard, but I think it really fits with the theme of Own Your Dream. When you start submitting stories/books it opens you up for rejection, not once but multiple times.  Trust me- that hurts.  I will put that aside and submit to 3 magazine/e-zines a month.  Ouch, let me stock up on band-aides first.

That is enough to thoroughly smother me. I’ve been blessed with being able to write lately and I pray it continues.

CampNaNoWriMo   update:

When I signed on to do CampNaNoWriMo I had no idea how to change my word count goal, it was preset at 50,000 words.  I figured it out and lowered it to 30,000.  I wanted to keep it attainable my first time out.  Because of the holiday weekend and 4 days off in a row, I have been productive.  I am at 11,397.  If I get close to my goal I will up it back to 50,000.

I have to admit, Camp is pushing me to make time and write, besides sit around planning and surfing pinterest.  I have learned that I really enjoy the sprints, but I am late joining in.  I have to make a point of visiting the sprint twitter page and see who’s running their own sprint.

Overall, I feel better than I have in ages in both my reading and writing.

Are you participating in Row80 or CampNaNoWriMo?


4 thoughts on “Row80- Own Your Dream

  1. Welcome to ROW80!

    It’s a great challenge because it’s ongoing — and can work well with other challenges like NaNo. (Although it’s better because you can use it for your ongoing career.)


  2. Sounds like some great goals and welcome to ROW 80.. I’ve also combined this with Camp Nano and 750 words too in the hope it will help motivate me. Have a good week. x


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