Writing Spaces

I was procrastinating on Pinterest the other day and came across a pin on Writer’s at home.  I found it interesting to see where famous writer’s have written.   Funny thing-the more modern the writer, the messier the area. Older writer’s have these nice little, almost dainty, tables and maybe a small stack of paper.  Then you have someone like Ray Bradbury and I can’t find the desk.

So, I thought I would share my writing space.  I know you are dying to see it, being that I have written so many bestsellers.  So here it is.


Not what you were expecting? The pink cap and purple cap belong to me.  Aren’t they cute.  While they swim laps and practice starts, I ‘m sitting in the shade with a legal pad writing or editing.  Granted I don’t get much accomplished, but you do what is necessary to live the dream.

Now, when I am not at the swimming pool, I’m here:


Lovely isn’t it.  The kitchen table is my writing desk.  If I clear out the dishes first thing and set the computer up before we swim, it’ll be ready for me to write.  There is a large glass door to look through and watch Roux chase the local wildlife.  I would love a room set apart from the chaos of daily life with 2 kids, but that’s not happening.  Surprisingly, this spot at the table works well and at times channels creative energy at an epic pace 🙂

That leads to the question: What does one need to be a writer?  I don’t know what all writer’s need, I imagine they vary from person to person.  This is my short list.

Writer Necessities

  1. Reference books. Even with the internet, reference books are a main stay.  I keep on hand: a grammar/style manual, thesaurus, Guide to SE wetlands (current project), and a guide to monsters (current project)
  2. Computer. This is a given and self explanatory.
  3. I-pod. For musical inspiration. ( I should add dictionary to the list, I can’t write a sentence this morning without a misspelled word.)
  4. Notepads and Notebooks. I keep notes when I’m not writing and write in the car so those are always nearby to add to the WIP.
  5. Snacks. My snack of choice is usually hot tea (Irish Breakfast) and dark chocolate.  If it is late in the day Iced Sweet tea and popcorn flavored jellybeans.  On special occasions I’ll splurge for a glass bottled Coke with salted peanuts floating inside.
  6. Sturdy chair and writing surface. I can write in my lazy boy, but I usually end up being a lazy girls and surfing Pinterest.  My kitchen chair, with a pillow for my back is sturdy enough for  hours of writing and comfortable enough not to cut off my circulation.  The table allows enough room to sprawl out.
  7. Window.  A nice window to gaze longingly out and to encourage the occasional daydream.

I think that’s it.  That’s what I need to have a successful day writing.  I can even pare it down to just four items if I’m desperate.  I fantasize about having a little writing shack in the back.  A space away from the kids, but they provide me with an endless amount of inspiration.  I think chaos inspires creativity.  It’s all good.

Where do you write?


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