E-Book vs. Print (3 in one post)

I must admit, I do not own an e-reader of any kind.  Unless you count my laptop. I’m a  hold out on embracing the e-reader. At first, I really didn’t like the idea of an e-reader and it just seemed like another gadget for people to use  to ignore true human interaction.  I do have an I-pod, but the screen is too small for me to read easily. Why would a writer not have an e-reader?  Here are a few answers.

  • smell and sound. I enjoy the smell of a new book and the sound it makes when you thumb the pages.  I know that is probably the worst reasons to like print books.  The smell of the printed page brings to mind other moments of reading.  It’s a link to memories.
  • eye fatigue. I am concerned that the bright screen of an e-reader will make it even harder for my eyes to read for extended periods.  It’s bad enough my eyes are trying to make me wear glasses for things other than serious reading.  If you say it’s my age I will hunt you down and shred your WIP.
  • change sucks.  There I said it, and this is probably the main reason.  I don’t like change.  It’s a fact, a flaw even.
  • library chick.  I love the library.  I will check out a book, before I buy it.  I enjoy cruising the stacks looking for my next great read. I know- as a writer I need to purchase more books.

That’s pretty much it.  Those are  pretty lame reasons for not having an e-reader.  What are the reasons to get an e-reader?

  • free books. This goes along with the library.  I love free stuff.
  • Indie Authors.  I’ve noticed that there are a lot of authors going into e-publishing before or instead of print.  I want to read them.

Basically, that’s it.  I see an e-reader on my horizon, I’m just not sure when.

Row80 update:

reading: still reading my Urban fantasy book, I really like it.  It’s different, but fun.

writing: CampNaNoWriMo is half way over.  I am up to 8/12 stories and 18,538 words out of 30,000.  I can see the end.  I have a poll at the end of this post, hang around and let me know about my next character.

No revisions and No submissions.

Overall I think I am doing ok.  My writing is on track so I’m good.

A few days ago I wrote about needing a new character to deal with denial.  I’m still taking the poll.  You can read the original post here.

How are you doing with your goals?


6 thoughts on “E-Book vs. Print (3 in one post)

  1. My goals are going slowly, but progress is progress!

    I never understood the whole smell/paper book thing, maybe because I don’t have a good sense of smell. But you are right on the eye fatigue, at least with tablets. The e-ink readers are much better, and all e-readers, whether e-ink or tablets, have another big advantage for those of us who have that concern: adjustable text size! There is also the fact that ebooks don’t take up any more room on my already-overflowing bookshelf, and I can get them from the library (although admittedly, the selection isn’t that good).

    Great job on Camp NaNo, and keep up the good work!


  2. I am concerned that the bright screen of an e-reader will make it even harder for my eyes to read for extended periods.

    Ereaders don’t have bright screens, by virtue of being a completely different technology to tablets/computers/smartphones/etc and thus not being backlit. A computer screen works by lighting thousands upon thousands of tiny coloured lights (the pixels on your screen). By definition, they are backlit. Ereaders (actual ereaders, not tablets branding themselves as such) work by having thousands upon thousands of tiny magnets on the other side of the screen. The polarity of the magnets at any given time determines if the pixel associated is black or white. By definition, they cannot be backlit (they are also currently black-and-white only), because magnets! As a rule of thumb, if you can read it with no other light source on, it’s not an ereader.

    Sorry, I just like science.


    • Thanks for the lesson. I was tossing e-readers and tablets into the same pot. I know the paperwhite Nook is probably the best for reading, but I admit to wanting on that allows me to read e-zines online and other material that is not available to general e-readers.


  3. I can relate to all your reasons for not having an e-reader (or reader-style device), yet… I gave in so I could read some ebooks friends of mine published. (Sort of gave in… there are apps for most any device out there to give one access to reading e-books on their PCs and phones; I have a Kindle app on my desktop PC and on my iPhone. And yes, they can be hard on the eyes… though I’ve needed glasses for years.)

    Sounds like you’ve considered your decision well. When you get a reader (if you do), it’ll be because you were ready for one.


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