Row 80 week summary and CampNaNoWriMo

Participant 2014 - Facebook Cover

This week started out well, but ended flat.  I think the looming deadline for CampNaNoWriMo put an invisible wall in my mind.  The creativity just stopped, or at least concerning the project for NaNo.  After a few days of staring at a blank screen, I’m OK with that. Add to the approaching threat of school starting in a week and a half.  I got stuff to do.  I made great progress in my WIP and I had a fun with the sprints.  So even though I did not reach my 30,000 word goal I am proud of what I did accomplish, and there are 5 days left.   So on with my goals.

Reading:  I started a new fantasy novel.  It’s not a new sub-genre for me so technically it doesn’t count.      But it is a new author 🙂

Writing:  I made it to 23,490 out of 30,000.  I’m good with that.

No submitting or editing was accomplished but I did make a decision to research uploading a short story for e-readers.  Don’t even know where to begin for that.

I hope your goals are on track and that if you are a participant in CampNaNo keep up the good work.


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