Row80 and CampNaNoWriMo

I have accomplished nothing since Sunday.  Not a word has been written or edited.  I have done a little reading, but not in a new genre.  I have school starting in a week and I am trying to get the kids and house ready.  Amazing how everything changes for school.  Swim stuff is replaced by school stuff.  Areas of the house change in use, some must be reserved for backpacks and shoes…you get the idea.  So now with the end of NaNo I am at 23.490.  I’m hoping that be this time next week, even though it is the fist week of school, I will have more time to write/edit.

How are your goals?


8 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. I also have done very little writing since Sunday. I’m getting too caught up in writing-related stuff, which is necessary, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the actual writing.
    I can’t wait for school to start! The routing really helps.


  2. Hang in there. Tess is right. Some weeks are diamonds and some weeks are stones. You will get back in the groove. Give yourself some time and don’t beat yourself up. I haven’t accomplished much this week (or last!) either. But I’m confident I will get back on track.


  3. Best of luck with the back to school rush. Sounds like you’ve had important things to take care of! Like kids. We’re kind of supposed to put those ahead of our writing… 😉


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