Better late than never….

Row80 Sunday check-in

I’m here…finally.  It’s been insane at my house.  School starts Wednesday, CampNaNo just ended, and we are remodeling the bathroom.  There’s not nearly enough chaos in my life.  Writing is pushed to the side, until I can come up for air.  This week I have accomplished none of my goals.  ZIP.  So what did I do with my time.

Since Wednesday, I cleaned and organized the kids room.  I picked up their school uniforms.  I’ve been carting everyone to grandmas house once a day for showers, hopefully Monday will be the last day.  I had a heated discussion with my hubby on the importance of turquoise paint for the bathroom.  I lost, but I see a turquoise shower curtain in my future. I started cleaning out the side room, polite way of saying junk room, for the kids to have their personal space for homework.  That means I no longer have a space for quilting. I don’t have the time for that either.  This morning I made a menu for the next month to help clean out the freezer and pantry.

Board yet.

There was lots of other tasks accomplished.  The one I am most proud of- I printed my WIP Dead in the Water.  All 250+ pages of it.  I even put it in a nice binder to make it feel a little better.  My plan is to read it this week before I move into revisions and editing.  I have decided to change the prologue and expand it into a real first chapter.  So, no physical progress has been made with my writing, but I have cleared several mental hurdles.

Just a quick look at my Row80 goals:

  1. Reading: find a new fantasy series I like.  I know that’s not really measurable. Read 1 fantasy novel a month.  Branch out in other genres I don’t usually read. Read 3 of the following: Science fiction, YA, Crime, Inspirational, or Romance.  I refuse to read horror.  A friend says I should add Nesbit or Lovecraft, we’ll see. I have read 1 fantasy.
  2. Writing: this goes with CampNaNoWriMo.  My current WIP is actually a series of short stories. I have 5 shorts and I would like an even dozen.  So I need 7 more 😀 That means just written, not edited or revised. I have 11/12 shorts.
  3. Edit/Revise: my novel Dead in the Water.  I have no idea how many pages I can edit in 80 days, so let’s pick a number…the first 100 pages.  Caffeine stat. I have printed out my book and given serious thought to where it should go.
  4. Submit- This is always hard, but I think it really fits with the theme of Own Your Dream. When you start submitting stories/books it opens you up for rejection, not once but multiple times.  Trust me- that hurts.  I will put that aside and submit to 3 magazine/e-zines a month.  Ouch, let me stock up on band-aides first. Nada.

We may need to redo these goals :).

How are you doing with your goals?

9 thoughts on “Better late than never….

  1. It may not feel like you are being productive, but you have been getting a lot done on the home front. Seven years ago, we had been talking about remodeling our bathroom when we found out we would be getting a foreign exchange student. Two weeks before she was to arrive, I came home from work one day to find that my husband had gutted the bathroom. “Well, I thought I better start it so we could finish before she gets here,” was his answer to my look of horror. That is maybe true, honey, but could we at least have a plan before we rip out walls!!! The bathroom was finished the morning her plane landed. No stress there.


    • LOL. That’s close to what happened here. We talked about renovations,and looked at tile, paint, and counters. Then I went to work and came home to a hole. Only trim and touch up is left.


  2. That rumination with no words on the page is just as important as word count. Consider this a successful week as you’ve made progress in several areas — keeping family and projects organized and planning ahead can leverage the writing time you’ll gain, once all settles to a manageable roar! Really good progress on reading and writing. May the coming week go well for you!


  3. Wow, you were juggling a lot. Kudos for figuring it all out. I love the title of your post since I am just now getting around to posts a week late. ;-(


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