Fantasy, part 2

Fantasy Genre’s .  I have been reading a lot of fantasy lately.  It lead me to the question of how many sub genre’s are there?  So I did what every inquiring mind does. I Googled it. I’m using Best fantasy books as a guide.  Then I fainted on the floor.  Depending on which site you look at there are around 21 sub-genres.  What!  I need a glass of sweet tea.

What does that mean?  It means I have a lot of reading to do before I can say I love fantasy and actually mean it.  I do love fantasy, but my education is lacking.  I have read: epic fantasy, coming of age fantasy,fantastic romance, and literary fantasy.

What does this mean?  Absolutely nothing.  I’m a firm believer in ‘if you like it read it’.  As a writer, genres fascinate me, or understanding the subtle differences between them interest me.  I’m particularly interested in forms of fantasy I’ve never read, but hear a lot about, such as Urban, steampunk, and alternate history fantasy.  My homework assignment: find a book in one of those dozens of sub-genre’s I haven’t read and read it.

Edit: Since this post went to the great holding folder on the web, I have read an urban fantasy book.  I even liked it. I’m still looking for a steampunk book.  On my last library visit I crammed by bag with sci-fi, my next frontier to explore.

Row80 Wednesday update:

Reading: No new genres read this week.  I’m finishing up a Victorian mystery by Charles Finch.  I’ve read him before and really enjoy his writing.  It’s a nice read amid the chaos.

writing: not writing this week.  I’m putting that on the back burner right now.

No submissions

Revisions: I am reading through my WIP “Dead in the Water” and making notes.  I’m doing a straight read for clarity and flow.  Checking for holes and making notes for later.  I’m on chapter 10.  I still love the characters, but having put it aside for a year, I see the writing differently.  I think the time out was a good thing.  I’ve decided to ditch the prologue, enlarge it and make it the first chapter.  The WIP is at 61,265 words now.  It’s a cozy mystery, not sure what it will be when I finish.

I’m pleased with my progress.  How is your progress going?




4 thoughts on “Fantasy, part 2

  1. I’m convinced we can subdivide things into oblivion. At the end of the day, write what you love and it’ll all work out. Actually, I don’t read in my exact genre while I’m writing in it–I don’t want it to either influence my work or scare me away from a story I want to tell.

    Good luck with continued progress!


  2. It is mind-boggling, isn’t it? All the sub-genres. It seems like any time an author pens a fantasy that is even slightly different, they must coin a new name for it. I think ‘grimdark’ is probably the latest. Unless I’m behind the times. Which is totally possible given the rate with which sub-genres appear! 🙂


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