Dive into e-publishing and Bayou Lingo

Yesterday, I registered with Smashwords and Wattpad.  I haven’t uploaded a story yet. To be honest I’m not sure where to begin. My thought was to first publish a short story for free to see what happens.  I have a Christmas short  that was published online, that seems like a good one to put out first.  The e-zine has first electronic rights and that’s about it. So I can republish it.

Then as I was not sleeping last night, I remembered two other Christmas short stories.  One has never been published and has a hint of fantasy to it.  While, the other was published in an anthology.  I checked the contract on that, it seems after 120 days of it being printed in that book, I can re-publish it.

All three stories have a Christmas theme, but they feel different.  So, now I’m thinking about these 3 stories.  Do I publish one for free, or wrap them all up together for an inexpensive price, under $3.  But that is just a thought.

Being faced with these decisions plus formatting, is mind boggling.

Any ideas from readers would be helpful.  Now onto something else.

Bayou Lingo

I’ve been rereading my WIP “Dead in the Water”, edits will follow soon.  I found myself still in love with the characters and story.  I’ve noticed that it is filled with bayou lingo.  Every area has it’s own lingo.  The bayou is no exception. Some lingo is regional while others are based on an areas use.  Here are a few that have been brought to my mind this week:

Dock- a structure that goes from the shore to the water and boats can be moored.  This allows people to load and unload the boat.

Crane On A Dock

Photo by  Scott Meltzer

Docks are common on the bayou.  Most waterfront houses have a dock.

  • Pier- a structure that goes from the shore to the water.  Usually, these are covered with fishermen.

Fishing Pier

photo by Paul Brennan little paul

Piers are generally used only for fishing or sightseeing.  Boats are not moored to piers, they are too high off the water.

  • wharf- an area where boats can be moored.  There maybe a pier or dock in the area as well. Around here wharfs have added attractions such as shops, restaurants, and concert venues.
  • Pylon– vertical support structures for bridges, roads, and piers/docks.

These are all over the bayou.  Hurricanes knocks down part of the dock/pier and leaves partially visible pylons in the water.  That’s why you wear swim shoes in the bayou and jump feet first.

  • boat launch– an area with a slant that allows boats to enter and exit the water.  Usually a small dock area is available.  The truck backs up, with the boat trailer easing into the water.

Do you have any lingo in your WIP?



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