Row80 Sunday Update

This has been a wild week.  I’ve been researching e-publishing and I joined Wattpad.  I am wavering between several ideas, so more on that in later posts.  I went to work yesterday to hear they will be closing at the end of December.  That’s not what I wanted to hear, I had plans to renovate the kitchen.  So now, I have to decide to stay or leave. Let’s get to the check-in.

Reading:  I was 3/4 of the way through a cozy mystery, by an author I really like, when I got bored with the repetition of dialogue.  I was rather disappointed.  I didn’t finish the book, I tossed it to the side.  I have several books on sci-fi greats to read, but it’s outside my comfort zone.  They are mainly Asimov and Clarke, short stories and novellas, but I can’t bring myself to read them…yet.  I will.

Writing:  on hold.

No submissions

Revisions:  I am reading my WIP “Dead in the Water”.  Is it tacky to say, “I love it!”  Well, I do.  Yes, it needs work, but I really enjoy the characters and the setting.   I am over half way through the WIP.  I’m reading it slowly, I don’t want to miss any plot holes or problems.  Then I will grab the hacksaw and get to work.

I think I’m making progress.

How are your goals?


3 thoughts on “Row80 Sunday Update

  1. Thanks for following my English Emporium blog. I hope you glean lots of good nuggets of info from my latest postings of notes from the PNWA Summer Writers’ Conference classes.

    You asked, how are my goals?

    Reading: The Author’s Guide to Marketing by Beth Jusino — This fantastic book offers excellent tips to marketing, and at the back of the book it has a series of worksheets to help you plan your marketing strategy on paper. I attended Beth Jusino’s workshop at the PNWA conference, and I’ll be posting those notes on English Emporium, so watch for them.

    Writing: I finished Chapter 4 of my pirate novel last night. I’m on Critique Circle under the pseudonym Esparhawk if you’re interested in doing a critique swap online.

    Submissions: St. Martin’s Press, Harlequin Teen, and Sourcebooks have all asked to look at my next manuscript, “Shock the Ugly,” so that’s promising.

    Revisions: I’m waiting for my agent to edit my current manuscript, “Shock the Ugly,” before I begin revising it.


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