This is a quick mid-week check in for Row80.  I should be leaving for work right now.

Reading:  I am still reading the Faith bookIt’s a paperback, I only read it before bed.  I have terrible sleep habits and I’m afraid the Kindle will keep me up.  It’s an OK book, a little out of the box as far as what I normally read.

Writing: I am fleshing out a new idea.  No plot at the moment, just an idea and a setting.  This one will have to simmer for a long time.

Revisions:  I have worked on my WIP, Dead in the Water,  for about 30 minutes one day 🙂   My short story, Miniature Desires, I have collected all of the critiques and pulled out issues all/most of the CC’s noticed.  So, now I have a check list of things to work on.

Submissions:  I have a short ready to go out on Wattpad and I just read the style guide for Smashwords.  I think I will put the story on there as well.  Something short, sweet, and free for the coming Christmas season.  The main reason is to get my feet wet with self-publishing.


When I look at things here, it makes me feel like I’ve actually made progress.  It feels like I am treading water.

How’s it going with you?





One thought on “Row80

  1. Sometimes treading water is good. I have made significant progress in some areas. In others it feels like I’m going down for the third time. It calls for a close examination of 1) my priorities and 2) how I expend my energy. All the best as you continue to press on.


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