New Orleans, part 3 the French Quarter

We have finally made it to the French Quarter. Yippee!

This post doesn’t have as many photos.  We arrived late in the day and we were exhausted.  I’ve been going to the French Quarter for 40 years.  I didn’t take as many photos, because it looks the same.  Always beautiful, always fun.  There’s a flavor to this city that is found no where else.  When she appears in books, the city becomes a character not just a city.

A few tips for New Orleans:

  • I love NoLa, but it is a dangerous city.  Watch where you go and your surroundings.  Ladies watch those drinks!
  • The city is know for the endless party atmosphere.  But it is also extremely hot in the summer, drink a lot of water.
  • By accident, we arrived in the Quarter as people were arriving for a Saints game.  The Quarter was empty!  I loved it, we had the place to ourselves.  Of course that late in the day, most of the shops are closed.  The bars and restaurants were still open.
  • There are many hidden courtyards and parks.  Some of these are private so look before you enter.
  • NoLa has great shops.  From odd to antique.  Not all are appropriate for young children.  Trust me there are things you don’t want to explain to a 7 year old.  When you travel with children, walk in and look around before you let the kids inside.
  • Do not leave without going to the Cafe Du Monde and eating a plate of Beignets.  Yes, it’s totally a tourist thing to do.  But the locals eat there and they are awesome.  The Cafe has been open since 1862.  There is a small inside eating area, but most eat in the covered patio with the pigeons.  Beignets are french doughnuts covered in powdered sugar.  Just don’t exhale as you eat.




A few words about the French Quarter:

  • also called, Vieux Carré and the Quarter. It sits in the curb of the Mississippi River and is NoLa’s oldest neighborhood.  Interesting side note, the Quarter marks the highest ground in the city.
  • Architecture is a mix of French, Spanish, Creole, and American.  It is most famous for the iron lace balconies.
  • 100_9247The French Market is a large are in the quarter, near the Cafe, that has many shops and restaurants.  This picture shows how empty the Quarter was that night.
  • 100_9246The Quarter is also famous for it’s unusual inhabitants and decorations:

100_9249I will leave you with one more picture of me and a new friend.


Have a good weekend,


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