Row80, Sunday Edition.

It’s Sunday and I am actually off.  Shocking I know.  This post is short and to the Row80 point.

Row80 Goals:

Reading: I am still reading the Faith book I started a week ago, maybe longer.  I read a short story on my Kindle that was great.  Julie Glover’s YA short, My Sister’s Demon, was really good.  I read it one afternoon after picking the girls up after school.  I must admit I was a little hesitant at first. The title sounded a bit scarey.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now, I need to read book (or short story) #2 in the series.

Writing: several new ideas have popped up over the last week.  A little research and plotting has occurred, but no real writing.

Revisions: None, I have hopes for tomorrow.

Submissions:   I have decided to jump feet first into self-publishing with a free short story.  Be on the lookout for The Fruitcake.


That’s about it for today.  How’s your goals going?


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