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My slow trek to e-publishing.

My slow trek to e-publishing.

I decided to jump into e-publishing with a free short story.  I looked at Wattpad, Smashwords, and Kindle.  After lots of research I decided to go with Kindle, for this first venture.  I edited/formatted the story.  Now comes the cover….

To buy or not to buy a cover

  • it’s a free book, do I really want to spend money on a free book
  • it’s not a book it’s a short story
  • I have shoes that cost more than a pre-made book cover
  • I judge books by their cover
  • A professional image is important and will bring new readers to my books/stories
  • this book is building my image/branding for the future

…anyway you get the idea.  I’ve been toying with the cover, even created one myself.  You’ll be glad to know, I deleted that one.

I did buy a cover, it’s a really fun cover and matches the story.  I can hear my husband groaning over that and saying, “It’s not like it’s a kayak.  Make one yourself.” Insert dramatic music and flames igniting my brain.

If all goes well my story should be available by the first of October, just in time for Christmas.  Did I mention it’s a humorous Christmas tale?

How’s your trek to publishing going?


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