Reflection on Row80

I think this is the end of this round of Row80, here is a review of my goals:

My goals for this round were:

  1. Reading: find a new fantasy series I like.  I know that’s not really measurable. Read 1 fantasy novel a month.  Branch out in other genres I don’t usually read. Read 3 of the following: Science fiction, YA, Crime, Inspirational, or Romance.  I refuse to read horror.  A friend says I should add Nesbit or Lovecraft, we’ll see.

  2. Writing: this goes with CampNaNoWriMo.  My current WIP is actually a series of short stories. I have 5 shorts and I would like an even dozen.  So I need 7 more 😀 That means just written, not edited or revised.

  3. Edit/Revise: my novel Dead in the Water.  I have no idea how many pages I can edit in 80 days, so let’s pick a number…the first 100 pages.  Caffeine stat.

  4. Submit- This is always hard, but I think it really fits with the theme of Own Your Dream. When you start submitting stories/books it opens you up for rejection, not once but multiple times.  Trust me- that hurts.  I will put that aside and submit to 3 magazine/e-zines a month.  Ouch, let me stock up on band-aides first.


Well, how did I do?

1.  I did read two romances, 1 inspirational, 2 fantasy in sub-genres I haven’t read before, and several indie books.  Check!

2.  I ended up with a total of 11 short stories.  Not quiet a dozen.

3.  I did read through my WIP and plan out the needed revisions.  That’s as far as I got.  I got distracted by other things…like self-publishing.  I did revise a short story. It is almost ready for sending out.

4.  I have submitted to only one magazine.  But I did publish a short story on Smashwords and Kindle.  Does that count?!

I didn’t reach all of my goals, or most of them for that matter 🙂  But the list did give me something to work toward.  The fact I had to go online and tell everyone how I did helped to focus me.  I also noticed that I next time I need to change my goals and make them accountable by week instead of monthly.  I’ll be back next round.

How did you do this round?


5 thoughts on “Reflection on Row80

  1. Yeah! You did great on your goals. Sometimes we knock ourselves down by not doing more, but we have a life to live too. And it is good that you already see where they need tweaking. I have weekly goals and ROW80 goals. I used to have daily goals and that got way to stressful.


    • Daily goals- yikes. I do better with lists that need to be accomplished within a limited number of days. If the days are too short I get stressed and if there are too many days I get lazy. Good luck on your goals.


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