Banned Book Week

Reading through blogs Sunday, Winter Bayne, brought it to my attention that it was Banned Book Week.

Banned books have always been an irritant to me.  It brings up images of Hitler and his piles of burning books.  It seems so unAmerican.  Yet, we have a long and glorious history of banning books.  Why?  I have a few ideas, but I like to keep that to myself 🙂  This is a writing blog and let’s stay on track.  I’ve looked over a few lists this morning, of banned books, and howled in laughter.  Some are just funny, others are just too stupid for words.  Here’s a link to Banned Book Week with a list of current challenged books.  If your tastes are more literary, here’s a list of banned classics.  I’ve read 11 of those.  I started reading at least 6 more on the list, but they didn’t interest me enough to finish reading them.

I taught for 6 years and I tried everything to get them to read.  I would have been happy if they read the Anarchists Handbook.  It was sad, how much they hated to read.  If bringing in a stack of banned books would have gotten them to read, I would have done it.  Oh, I taught history!

A parents view of banned books:

I have two tween girls.  One reads anything and everything she gets her hands on.  The other is a bit pickier. As you may know, we are Baptists and the kids go to a Baptist school.  The school library is small and limited.  I knew that and accepted it.  The public library is 5 minutes away and we make weekly trips.  As a parent I am careful of what my children read.  It’s my job.  I don’t want them reading things that they are not mature enough to understand or has lots of foul language.  As they grow, I release my grip a little on what’s aloud. They understand this and work with in the limits.  That’s called parenting.  Banned Books takes that responsibility out of the hands of parents and puts it in the hands of the local/state government.  Basically, telling us we aren’t smart enough to know if it’s a book worth reading.  Personal responsibility. (Rant over)

Now, I let my kids read Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and various other fantasy series.  Will I let them read Lolita?  Heck no.  They aren’t old enough.  I’m not sure I’m old enough.  But you get the point.  Here’s a list of banned children’s books.  Seriously, Shel Silverstein!?I love Shel.

My banned book of the week is : To Kill A Mockingbird.  I started reading it last week and got distracted. I’ve read it two times already.  Looking at some of the lists of banned books, my kids have read quite a few of them as well.

What banned book will you read?




One thought on “Banned Book Week

  1. I may do a post on To Kill A Mockingbird. Haven’t decided yet. Today is The Giver. 🙂
    Bella also went to a private school with a limited library which is one reason why we’re just now reading Harry. She hadn’t heard of him.

    I read Lolita before I could drive. Will Bella? I doubt it but time will tell. If she wants to we’ll cross that bridge then. Thankfully, banned books are limited to facilities mostly, so there are plenty of ways around it, but yes it makes my blood boil too. I don’t need my books filtered.

    I’m glad I could remind people there are still banned books in the world, including right here at home.


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