What is in my handbag?

A little Sunday fun.  Otherwise known as procrastination when I should be editing.

Fiona Quinn writes an amazing blog.  A lot of posts show you how to help your characters survive deadly situations.  One of my favorite posts, one I couldn’t find this morning, included a survival kit in a mint tin.  That led me to think about what is in my handbag.  Judging from it’s contents, I’m a dead woman!

100_92621.  a bookmark, you never know when you’ll need an emergency bookmark

2.  glasses, they are only reading glasses.  Again- book emergency

3.  car keys

4.  wallet- no cash.  My mother would not be happy over that.

5. hand sanitizer- A must with kids

6.  chap stick

7. mints, yes there actually mints in the tin.

8. fake, fuzzy mustache, an emergency disguise?  No, sadly, it’s for a sleepover.

Several things are missing in my bag.  The most glaring is a phone.  I do have one, I just forgot to pack it yesterday, so it’s still on the counter.  The handbag is too large for it’s contents.  I bought this bag because I needed something big enough to carry my Kindle 🙂  I usually have a small notebook and multiple pens.  I think the kids have pilfered them.

I am not prepared for an emergency and will have to change that when I have time, I think I see my calender slowing down sometime in January.

What’s in your handbag?


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