Coffee vs. Tea

Some of you may know, I adore tea.  Hot tea in the morning and iced at night.  Tea makes me happy. I could write an entire post on the glories of tea, but I’ll save that for later.  I am a snob and only drink Twinning’s Tea.  I’ve tried others, but this is my favorite brand.  I add just a dab of sugar.  If that’s not prissy enough, I use these dainty little tea cups I bought in London ages ago, when I was single and could spend money on such things. I make it first thing in the morning and drink it before I even eat breakfast, sometimes I will drink a second cup.  Beware those mornings.

The cute little Japanese tea set in photo- I really want one!

Asian Tea Set

photo by Peter Griffin

Recently, I’ve been drinking more coffee.  I use the term coffee loosely.  What I call coffee is more of a chocolate coffee milkshake.  I have been drinking a hot coffee that has chocolate in it.  Like when I learned to drink hot tea, at the ripe age of 5, I add sugar and milk.  I like it, I don’t want it everyday, but it’s a nice change.  Today, I bought my very first coffee pot.  Makes only 5 cups, but since I am the only one who will use it, it’s a bit big.  I don’t have any coffee to put in it, but I can pick up some fancy stuff at work today.  I blame them for my recent interest in coffee.  I hope it comes with directions.  I have never made coffee.  As you may tell, I’ve had a cup of tea and a cup of instant coffee.

Cup Of Coffee

photo by Vojko Kalan

Coffee and tea are vary different and I have different feelings for each.  They both have caffeine.  Tea is a simmer, whereas coffee is a quick jolt.  Two cups of tea is close to one cup of coffee, or so it feels.  I’ve noticed two things: 1) I am more creative after a cup of coffee and seem to get more writing accomplished  2) too much coffee/tea/caffeine has the exact opposite effect.  It makes me jittery and extremely cranky.  Not good for the kids!  There’s a fine line there.  If I were honest I would admit the reason for the coffee pot is I hope to actually get more writing accomplished with the help of that extra jolt.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?  Which brand/flavor is your favorite?



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