Row80 Goals, Round 4

It’s time for Round 4, the last Round, of Row80.  This is only my 2nd round.  I hope that this one is a little better.  One highlight to note: Since finishing round 3 I actually reached my goal of editing the first 100 pages of my WIP.  Funny the way goals work!  I’m not sure when this round ends, but this is my busiest time of year with work.  I work at a Christmas  store (AKA warehouse 13), which is currently going out of business-last day Dec 27.  Business really picks up after Halloween.  I barely have time to breath much less write, edit, or blog.  So this round will be a challenge for me.

On with the goals:

  • Writing: I am toying with the idea of NaNoWriMo.  Even though I know I can’t reach the 60,000 word goal.  I enjoy the fun and sprints.  Summer camp with NaNo was lots of fun.  Anyway, I’m almost finished editing my WIP, that will leave me more time to write.  Knowing how much time I have, I’m starting small, 3,000 words a week.  This starts after I finish editing.
  • Editing: Finish editing my WIP, Dead in the Water. Finish edits by October 21.
  • Submissions: Start submissions October 22, send out 2 a week the rest of the round.  Stop laughing….think positive.
  • Social networking: This is the hardest.  I am bad at just liking a post or a tweet and leaving.  So my goal for this is to respond more to blog posts, even reblogging, and be more involved on twitter. That’s not measurable.  Comment on 3 blogs a week.
  • Blogging: Have 2 nonRow80 blog posts a week.
  • Coffee: Master my new coffee pot.  Apparently there is a learning curve.

I think just about does it.  Can’t wait to see how this round goes.

What goals do you have?



5 thoughts on “Row80 Goals, Round 4

  1. I’m terrible at submitting. I’ve been known to leave things for half a year between submissions. You can do it!

    I’m between works and have no works ready to go, so my goals are about getting stuff ready and starting to write it. I also have some reading, exercise, learning, and blog visiting goals.


  2. I’ve found out recently I’m not good at submissions, either. And I’m even less good at social media… best of luck to you during your mad holiday rush and I hope you reach all of your goals! 🙂


  3. What kind of coffee pot did you get? Never head of one with a learning curve, but I can imagine.

    Best of luck on getting two submissions done a week. I couldn’t even get one. More power to you if you get there.


  4. My goals for this round are to finish one story and revise another. I also have one manuscript that I need to read through, make some basic edits, and send to my critique partners for their input. So it will be a busy–but hopefully productive–round. Best of luck and happy writing!


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