Row80 Check-in

Morning y’all.

I skipped the Wednesday check-in because I had nothing to update.  I worked all week and made no progress until Thursday.  So let’s get to it.

The Goals:

  • Writing: I am toying with the idea of NaNoWriMo.  Even though I know I can’t reach the 60,000 word goal.  I enjoy the fun and sprints.  Summer camp with NaNo was lots of fun.  Anyway, I’m almost finished editing my WIP, that will leave me more time to write.  Knowing how much time I have, I’m starting small, 3,000 words a week.  This starts after I finish editing.  Not yet.
  • Editing: Finish editing my WIP, Dead in the Water. Finish edits by October 21. Edited 25 pages. On track.
  • Submissions: Start submissions October 22, send out 2 a week the rest of the round.  Stop laughing….think positive. Not yet.
  • Social networking: This is the hardest.  I am bad at just liking a post or a tweet and leaving.  So my goal for this is to respond more to blog posts, even reblogging, and be more involved on twitter. That’s not measurable.  Comment on 3 blogs a week.  I think I only commented on 1 or 2.
  • Blogging: Have 2 nonRow80 blog posts a week. Check.
  • Coffee: Master my new coffee pot.  Apparently there is a learning curve. I may have figured out the coffee to water ratio, and Strudel Delight is fabulous.


I’d say that is a pretty good start.  I have lots to do today, but I hope to get a little editing done.

How are your goals?


4 thoughts on “Row80 Check-in

  1. Haha! Your last goal is priceless. I too am going to attempt NaNo this year…with the full acceptance that the word count is probably way beyond what I’m capable of with my non writing obligations. But I will hold on to hope! And a small prayer that if I’ve outlined enough by November 1 I might have a shot…


  2. Spending today catching up. The last 2 days I was busy and distracted by other projects and thing (Doctor Who, for one). Feeling overall all positive, so now to get to work! I understand just liking and retweeting posts, sometimes it’s harder to manage those. I have gotten into a rhythm with visiting and commenting on blog posts. I try to give myself time to use social media. I could be better on twitter though. It’s a work in progress, like anything. the Have a great week!! 🙂


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