Row80 Check-in

It’s Sunday.  Time for Row80.

Make sure you visit the other Row80’s and check out how they are doing with their goals.


  • Writing: I am toying with the idea of NaNoWriMo.  Even though I know I can’t reach the 60,000 word goal.  I enjoy the fun and sprints.  Summer camp with NaNo was lots of fun.  Anyway, I’m almost finished editing my WIP, that will leave me more time to write.  Knowing how much time I have, I’m starting small, 3,000 words a week.  This starts after I finish editing. I set up my novel for NaNo.  Now I need to work on an outline/guide or something.
  • Editing: Finish editing my WIP, Dead in the Water. Finish edits by October 21.  On track.  I have about 30 pages left. Then I need to print it out and reread it.
    Just finish edits.  Yippie.  Now, I have to go to work.  Bummer.
  • Submissions: Start submissions October 22  Nov.1, send out 2 a week the rest of the round.  Stop laughing….think positive.  Pushing the Submissions back to Nov. 1.  That gives me time to reread it and make a list of places to send it out.  I forgot about that 🙂
  • Social networking: This is the hardest.  I am bad at just liking a post or a tweet and leaving.  So my goal for this is to respond more to blog posts, even reblogging, and be more involved on twitter. That’s not measurable.  Comment on 3 blogs a week.  I need a way to keep track of this.  I know I commented on at least 3 blogs this week.
  • Blogging: Have 2 nonRow80 blog posts a week.  Southern Manners 101  (10/13)   Teaser Tuesday (10/14)  Done
  • Coffee: Master my new coffee pot.  Apparently there is a learning curve.  Done


How are you doing with your goals?


7 thoughts on “Row80 Check-in

  1. I tend to post long answers to blogs and Facebook…and I’ve come up with a plan. If I post something long that’s got potential, I save it to a file I call ‘Comment Source File”. I put the link to where I posted with them, and, over the next months, I’ll be developing these into a series of blog posts I intend to call Comment Capers.

    That way, I can make extra use of that social media time, and I get to share posts that inspired me- so good for the OP, too!

    I chuckled at your coffeepot goal. I need a learning curve for all new appliances, and my Accomplice has a habit of buying them whenever he sees the one he likes, when we need one, so some of them are far from intuitive, for me.

    And i’m glad you posted the NaNo badge – I hadn’t thought to look yet. Hope to see you there!


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