To Have a Gun or Not….

Taking a different direction for a blog post today.  As you may know, I live in the Deep South.  Guns are fairly common.  Most men, and some women, hunt on a regular  basis.  It really cuts down on the grocery bill! I grew up around riffles and shotguns, I was taught from a very young age not to touch them, they were kept looked up and away.  When I was in middle school my father took me to my grandfather’s house and taught me to shoot his first rifle.  More than anything from that day, beyond hanging with my Dad, I remember the nasty kick it had and the painful bruise it left.

I’ve never felt the need or desire to hunt and I really don’t like the taste of wild game.  For the most part, rifles and shotguns were the weapons I grew up around and there were very few accidents caused by guns.  For the most part…. but then there’s always that one person who thinks rules and safe practices don’t apply to them.

My best friend through most of my childhood was shooting fireworks New Years Eve.  Her older brother decided to shoot straight into the air in celebration of the new year.  That’s bad.  To make it more fun, he had a few beers first.  That is also bad.  My poor friend ended up in the emergency room with a bullet in her buttocks.  Needless to say, as 12 year olds, we had a lot of fun with that.  I’m sure that tale will end up in a story one day.

My friends brother broke 4 rules:

  1. Only idiots shot straight up in the air.  Gravity does still work.
  2. Drinking and guns never mix.
  3. Shooting at night is bad, I think in most areas it’s even illegal.
  4. Shooting in residential areas is illegal.

The older I get the more I hear about hand guns.  I never saw a hand gun until I was almost 30, no one I knew had one.  Except cops.  I’m not a fan of hand guns, you don’t use them to hunt so what’s the point.  For the most part, I associate hand guns with thugs and paranoid city slickers.  Not too long ago, I was at a Guild meeting.  I was the youngest woman there by 15 – 20 years.  We were sitting around talking and some how the conversation switched to guns.  I was shocked to learn that the majority of blue hairs sitting around that table were packing heat.  I made a mental note to call before I show up at their house at night.

Why am I bringing this up?  Good question, it sounded better in the car.

My protagonist in Dead in the Water and part 2 that I’m writing for NaNoWriMo, her name is Coco, must decide on if she will have a gun. These are mystery novels and being the protagonist, Coco finds herself in sticky situations.  She has mixed feelings about guns, and does worry that it will be used against her.  To add to the uncertainty, she questions whether or not she would actually shot someone.  So that’s where I am.  As I write for NaNo, my character must decide if she will have a gun or not.  We shall see…


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