Authors Answer 2 – Guilty Pleasure

It’s the second installment of Authors Answer. Thanks Jay for the fun read.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

The first Authors Answer was a big success! Thanks to everyone who’s contributing, and thanks for all of you who joined in the discussion.  This is pretty fun.  But now, we have our second question.

twilightQuestion 2: Is there an author who is often criticised that you love to read? Who is it?

Paul B. Spence

Robert Heinlein — He is often criticized as being sexist and racist, but most people just don’t understand that he was writing satire/exaggeration to make a point rather than presenting those things as good/right.  Books like I Will See No Evil explore gender roles Heinlein had strong, intelligent female characters such as Pee Wee from Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, and multi-ethnic protagonists such as Johnnie Rico from Starship Troopers, who is Puerto Rican.

Elizabeth Rhodes

I would say two fit this bill for different reasons.  The first is an almost guilty pleasure…

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