The Spelling Bee

My writing time this morning was occupied by a different activity. My youngest was in the school  Spelling Bee.  She was runner up in her class bee.  It took a record 2 1/2 hours for that bee.  I would have loved to have watched that.  She studied the 5th grade list and then her sister’s 6th grade list.  Unfortunately, she didn’t make it out of the first round.  She had neglected to study some of the easy words.  No worries, she did an awesome job.  The Bee took on an unusual form of entertainment.  We were rooting for all the finalists.  It took a total of 31 rounds before a winner was announced.  They exhausted the study list and moved into the approved list.  The kids haven’t studied these words.  Heck!  I didn’t know the definitions, much less how to spell them.  Honestly, I’m a horrible speller.  And in a world of texting it’s a miracle these elementary and middle schoolers could spend over an hour spelling words.  Many rounds had all of the words spelled correctly.

A few of my favorite words were:

  • apocryphal
  • synthesis
  • hypertension
  • balderdash
  • festinate

The two winning words were:

  • nebula
  • honorarium

I have nightmares of my old class spelling bees.  The teacher would line us up around the room.  One by one, she would call out a word and we would attempt to spell it.  I hated it. I would panic and break into a sweat.  I was always out on the first round.  My brain is not wired for oral spelling.  To this day, I must write it out and see it, to spell it.

Hats off to all of the students participating in spelling bees this fall.  Good Luck to you all.

What are you’re memories of the Spelling Bee?







2 thoughts on “The Spelling Bee

  1. Festinate is totally new to me. Wow.

    My spelling bee memory was being asked to be in it for my class and refusing. The guy that went in my place was runner up to a girl that shared my birthday. (On a side note, I stole her best friend and I am still friends with this stolen best friend. Best thing I ever stole.) The girl made it to Nationals.


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