Row80 Update Wednesday

It’s time for a Row80 update.  Granted not much progress has been made since Sunday, but here we go anyway.

    • Writing:  The third week slump seems to be in full swing.  Finding time to write is getting harder the closer Thanksgiving gets.

  • Editing: Finish editing my WIP, Dead in the Water. Finish edits by October 21. Done
  • Submissions: Start submissions October 22  Nov.1, send out 2 a week the rest of the round.  Stop laughing….think positive.  Nada.  Try again later.
  • Social networking: This is the hardest.  I am bad at just liking a post or a tweet and leaving.  So my goal for this is to respond more to blog posts, even reblogging, and be more involved on twitter. That’s not measurable.  Comment on 3 blogs a week. Check (I think)
  • Blogging: Have 2 nonRow80 blog posts a week.  Done  11/18 The Spelling Bee
  • Coffee: Master my new coffee pot.  Apparently there is a learning curve.  Done

I’m not beating myself up over my progress.  I do have a life and I have made more progress writing than I thought I would.  How are your goals going?  Is the upcoming holidays causing you chaos?


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