Good Grits

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, food is on my mind.  Granted, food is always center stage in the South.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas ( to a lesser degree New Years)  the art of food in the South reaches new heights.  Food becomes richer.  Tasty treats that are only seen once a year get spread on the family dinning table.  Causing kids and adults alike to drool.  I am personally looking forward to the sweet potato casserole.  I just received my first box of homemade fudge from my mama.  I can still taste the little bits of fudge stuck in the corner of my mouth.

Amongst all of the holiday goodies, one meal makes feel all warm on the inside.  It’s right up there with chicken noodle soup on the comfort scale.


I love grits.  They are warm and creamy.  When cooked properly there’s a delicate balance between the sweet cream butter and the salt.

I remember as a child, traveling to the Grand Canyon.  We stopped for breakfast somewhere past Texas.  I stood staring at the menu board searching for grits.  My mom kept asking what I wanted, when I couldn’t find it I asked.  The confused expression and negative response I received haunted me the entire trip.  I couldn’t wait to get home and have a nice big bowl of warm hot grits.

What is a grit?  Writer signs deeply. Grits: ground hominy (alkali treated corn)  If you are still unsure, watch My Cousin Vinny that will give you the basics 🙂

Grits are usually eaten for breakfast.  They can also be eaten in place of noodles or rice.

In case of a home invasion, while you are making breakfast, grits can be used as a deadly weapon.  They have an amazing ability to hold in heat.  Burns from grits is second only to hot oil and cheese.  Grits with butter and cheese will surpass everything else.  I think that might be used in my WIP!

Guess what I had for breakfast?  If you find yourself a tad full of rich holiday food, indulge in a bowl of grits.

What’s your go to food after too much holiday fun?



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