Row80 Update

NaNoWriMo has not killed me, although that with work and Thanksgiving it easily could!  I have gone further than I expected with NaNo, and I am facing the possibility of reaching 50K!  Shocking I know.  I feel the desire to finish this WIP as quickly as possible.  Of course, I have to be at work early every day this week (except Thursday), during my prime writing time.  HELP!  Writer takes deep cleansing breaths.


  • Writing:
  • Editing: Finish editing my WIP, Dead in the Water. Finish edits by October 21. Done
  • Submissions: Start submissions October 22  Nov.1, send out 2 a week the rest of the round.  Stop laughing….think positive. NADA  busy writing.
  • Social networking: This is the hardest.  I am bad at just liking a post or a tweet and leaving.  So my goal for this is to respond more to blog posts, even reblogging, and be more involved on twitter. That’s not measurable.  Comment on 3 blogs a week. Doubtful.
  • Blogging: Have 2 nonRow80 blog posts a week.  NADA
  • Coffee: Master my new coffee pot.  Apparently there is a learning curve.  Done

How are your goals going?


2 thoughts on “Row80 Update

  1. Congratulations on mastering your new coffee pot! Learning curves can be a bitch, especially when you can’t get no coffee because you don’t know how the thing works yet! AAARGH!

    It looks like you’re doing just great on your NaNo novel, hooray! I have a bit further to go than you, but I’m working on it again after dinner tonight.

    As for learning and working the social networks … hey, congratulations for even realizing how important that can be for a writer. My brother figures he’ll finish this book he’s been (not) writing for several years now, and THEN he’ll start thinking about looking into beginning to learn how to use Twitter. Yeah. You’ve got it all over him, in that!


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