Iron Bowl Saturday

Today, is the Iron Bowl.  For those of you not familiar with the term, the Iron Bowl is THE football game of the year.  Alabama’s two greatest football teams collide the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The University of Alabama and Auburn University.  This one games cause all activities to screech to a halt.

It’s the one weekend that divides families and separates friends.  Trash is thrown on both sides over a bit of pigskin.  I myself, live in a house divided.  I graduated from the University of Alabama, my loving husband thought it would be fun to align himself with Auburn.  He graduated from a different cow collage and has no team to root for.  Along the way he corrupted out youngest daughter to side with him. I’ve never been so thankful for not having cable.  The game will only be shown on ESPN, so I can skip the chaos.

A little history:

  • The first game took place in 1893, but there were several years the two teams didn’t play each other.
  • Alabama holds the lead with 42 wins.
  • There’s only been 1 tie.
  • That means Auburn has won 35 times.  (sad.)
  • The games gives fans bragging rights. And Black Friday has nothing on the fans that stand in line to get the first run of T-shirts that sport the winning score.
  • Alabama holds the longest winning streak with 9 wins.
  •  Coach Bear Bryant, Alabama, is a legend and is the reason houndstooth is associated with the team.  He had a hat made from houndstooth and wore it to every game.  Some say this is just urban legend, I disagree.
  • Auburn only has a winning streak of 6 games.
  • The Mascot for Alabama is an elephant named Big Al.
  • The Mascot for Auburn is a tiger named Aubie.

How to Survive Iron Bowl Weekend:

  • Pick a side and stick with it.  There’s nothing worse than being called a turncoat.  Even if you don’t actually watch football, it’s best to pick a side. As long as it’s not Florida State, you should be good.
  • Don’t mix your colors.  Alabama is maroon (red) and white, Auburn is Orange and blue.
  • If you attend an Iron Bowl party, make sure it’s for the right team.  This is not a game where outsiders are accepted.  Terrible things can happen to an Alabama fan who makes the mistake of going to an Auburn party in order to impress his girlfriend.  Your true feelings will be found out and the relationship is doomed anyway.  Find a nice Bama girl.  There’s great material there for a murder mystery placed at an Iron Bowl party.
  • Make sure you don’t call to gloat until you are positive your team has won.
  • Remember:  there’s always next year!

Happy Iron Bowl y’all.

Who’s your favorite team rivalry?



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