Merry Christmas


It is my favorite time of year.  Even with all the hustle and bustle and over commercialization of the season.  I love Christmas.  With this time of year comes many family traditions.  Out tree goes up the day after Halloween.  That’s right, I decorate before Thanksgiving.  🙂  My husband bought me an artificial tree years ago, now I can put it up as early as I want. I start the outside lights as early as I can convince my sweetie that it’s time.  It was late this year, second week in December.  I make dozens of cookies and divinity leading up to Christmas Eve.  The kids look through the cookbook and pick out their favorites, and we take turns making them.  Yum!

There are plenty of activities as well.  Just after Thanksgiving, we pack shoe boxes for children in other parts of the world.  You’d be amazed at how much will fit in a shoe box. We go to our Church Christmas Concert, this year my hubby played in the orchestra.  We drive near and far to view different Nativity Stories.  One is a drive through with real animals.  The other is a miniature Bethlehem that allows us to walk through the Biblical Christmas story.  My girls look forward to these events.  Events like these are important to us, to teach our children the meaning of Christmas.

At some point in the season, my girls stand in line waiting to see Santa.  Both are on the edge of being too old, they may even be faking it for me.  This year my youngest asked Santa for her own bedroom.  This is the same kid who asked for snow.  She was disappointed that morning when she awoke to a nice, warm Christmas.  Santa was kind enough to leave a can of instant snow under the tree.  Can’t wait to see how he handles the new bedroom wish!

Christmas Eve is a party with my side of the family.  All sorts of artery clogging food is spread out on the table.  We eat,talk, and laugh until the kids can’t stand it any longer.  We open presents, eat, talk, and laugh some more before loading up the car and heading home.  The girls leave milk and cookies for Santa and sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn.  Before bed, we read Luke 2, kiss the girls goodnight and collapse on the sofa and watch the tree lights.

Christmas morning starts bright and early.  The kids rip through all the gifts and afterwards the grandparents come over for breakfast.  They leave and we get to work on our part of lunch, which we have with my in-laws.  We stuff ourselves some more and enjoy each others company.

Christmas is God, family, and food.  In that order.  This Christmas I hope you have a joyous time celebrating with your traditions.  Merry Christmas.


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