Writer Resources

Most writers use similar resources.  I try to keep a dictionary nearby. I can’t count on spell check to get it right. I also have a few grammar books at hand.  I agree with the idea that the English language is difficult and add, at times, it makes no sense.  I also have a thesaurus.  When my kids were smaller they liked to pretend they were lifting weights with it.  I understand that, it’s a hefty tome.   With all of that help, you would think my drafts were perfect. Writer laughs.

Beyond those three basics I have a few books on writing a novel, platform building, publishing, and genre specific books.  With that, you may wonder, if my writing book shelf is complete.  Writer laughs again.  My husband may think I don’t need any more writing books, but he’s wrong. This week I’ve acquired a book I’ve been searching for, I’m so excited.   Book of Poisons by Serita Stevens and Anne Bannon.

I just ordered it on my Kindle and can’t wait to cruise through it.  Most of my writing would fall under the cozy mystery genre.  I’ve been toying with a story line where a character is killed with poison.  But I didn’t know enough about poison to chose the appropriate one.  So now I can.

My next book?  I think something along the lines of surviving off the grid or after a total system meltdown.

What’s your favorite/oddest resource?


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