Row80 Sunday Update 2


It’s been a busy week…..

Writing: new novella.  25,000 words.  I’ve finished plotting, now I need to actually sit down and write.

Editing:  Edit my NaNoWriMo project, first 50 pages.  Nope, but I did get an idea for reworking one scene!

Submissions: Submit to one editor/agent a week.  Nada

Health: One exercise session a week. I think all the walking and stair climbing I do at work should count for something!

The Great Purge: Taking one room at a time.  Started on the bedroom.  I have one corner clean.  🙂  Why is it taking so long?  Because our room doubles as a landing pad for all the extra stuff in the house.  Which is why I am throwing as much away as I can!

W&*(^t :  Goal 3 healthy snacks a week.  I took a veggie tray to work and I was very good that day.  The next day another girl brought in apples and grapes.  After that, it was chocolate and cheese-its!

Not my most glorious week, but a little is better than nothing!  I have a little more time on my hands this week.  I’m trying to snag an extra day off a week.

Added note, my baby girl played her first basketball game.  She was awesome.  She’s also the only girl on the team. They lost 29-30.  That was the first basketball I’ve ever watched!  Many more to come in the future.

How’s your week going?


3 thoughts on “Row80 Sunday Update 2

  1. It looks like you’re taking small steps toward your goals. A thousand little steps can get you where you need to go just as sure as five hundred bigger ones. Good luck on your goals for the next week from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.


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