Row80 Sunday Update 3

This week has been odd.  I blame the weather, too warm, and hot flashes.  I hate hot flashes.  Quick question: Is it possible to burst into flames?  That’s without an accelerant.

Writing: new novella.  25,000 words. Nope.

Editing:  Edit my NaNoWriMo project, first 50 pages.  Nope.

Submissions: Submit to one editor/agent a week.  I think so, but I really can’t remember!

Health: One exercise session a week.  Don’t make me laugh!  I barely slept at all this week.

The Great Purge: Taking one room at a time. No!  I’m beginning to see a pattern.

W&*(^t :  Goal 3 healthy snacks a week.  If you tuned in today expecting progress, I am sorry to disappoint you.  Oh! I plan on eating King Cake later this week:)

If I were still in school, my teachers would be asking why I even bothered showing up.  I’m having a problem getting into gear.  I have plenty of reasons, most are real issues that are trying to turn my life to chaos and not the imaginary kind, which are more fun.   I think I need a daily list of things to do. Maybe that will help.

How’s your week going?


5 thoughts on “Row80 Sunday Update 3

  1. Your writing will come when your ready. Every once in while I open up my NaNo that I didn’t finish and explore the possibilities. It is a wager of which I want to do more, exercise the body or the mind. The mind is apparently the winner. I really do need to take a walk on the treadmill once a week. – Hasn’t happened yet. Something I said I was going to do five weeks ago.
    I was eating a healthy snack once a day, but someone hid the rice cakes on me. It may have been my self.
    Then there’s this book I started reading. It gets in the way of my writing time, but that’s okay with me. I’m learning from it, The Game of Thrones: #1 Fire and Ice.
    I highly suggest that if your having trouble writing, reading is an excellent way to refill that writing well.


  2. I have a weekly to do list I print out every other week (one week on each side of a piece of paper). I just got done “upgrading” it. It is probably the #1 reason I do so well with my goals (as they are on here too). It is also the reason my house isn’t a mess. Basically, I’m saying you should try your to do list. I don’t think it would hurt to give it a shot. 🙂

    And don’t be so down on this week. Life happens. And the only thing you can do is have a better week this week. Keep being awesome and keep trying!


  3. [hugs, my friend] I had a rough week as well, so you have my empathy. I hope that things are able to improve this week. Also, if I may add, along with your to do lists remember to celebrate your accomplishments, too. That’s something I often forget in the whirlwind of trying to get more “things” done. Best of luck this week! 😀


  4. I’ve heard spontaneous human combuistion happens on occasion, but I dion’t think hot flashes bring it on. Seriously, don’t let it get you down. Everyone has a week like that, and there are some of us (me, for example) that have a lot of them. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Good luck this coming week.


    • John, not to be difficult, but I feel like I might actually explode. I’m even thinking of moving up North where it actually gets cold and snows. Just kidding I’d never survive up there, they don’t have grits. Thanks for the comment, this week has been much better.


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