Row80 Sunday Edition #4

It’s that time again.


This week was much better than last week.  I had two days off this week, that allowed me to get a few things done.

Writing: new novella.  25,000 words.  6,689 words!  In all honesty, some of that was already written, but I’m still counting it for this week.

Editing:  Edit my NaNoWriMo project, first 50 pages.  Nope.  I’ll work on this later.

Submissions: Submit to one editor/agent a week.  Yes, one query letter sent out.

Health: One exercise session a week.  No.

The Great Purge: Taking one room at a time. Still working on my room.  I cleaned out my massive sock drawer and matched them all up.  My sweet hubby wanted to take a photo, claiming in 15 years he’s never seen me match my socks.

W&*(^t :  Goal 3 healthy snacks a week. The King Cake was great.  I did have fish for lunch and yogurt for a snack.  Of course then people gave us doughnuts and chili dogs at work.  Excuse me, my Monkey bread king cake is ready.

I only have 3 days left at work and then the place shuts down for good.  I will soon find lots of time on my hands, hopefully I will use it wisely.  I feel pretty good about the week.  I hope this week will be even better.

How are your goals going?





One thought on “Row80 Sunday Edition #4

  1. Congrats on the novella progress! And I was horrible with my eating last week, too. Though birthday awesomeness was the fault of mine. I’m trying to get back on track. Best wishes with your query letter!


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