Mardi Gras part 3, Moon Pies

The Moon Pie

Moon Pies are to Mardi Gras as Candy Canes are to Christmas.  It’s impossible to separate the two. Crowds of thousands descend on downtown Mobile screaming for these round treats.  What?  You don’t know what a moon pie is?

It’s a cookie sandwich filled with marshmallow and covered in….something resembling chocolate.  The coating varies based on the flavor.  Every year a new flavor is introduced and at times one or two are retired.  Banana, chocolate, orange, and vanilla are just a few flavors.  This year peanut butter and mint were retired.  The complaints have been massive.  No they are not whoopie pies.

With the moon pie being so popular you would think these were local creations- and you would be wrong.  Moon pies come from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  They started making them around 1917 and cost a meager 5¢ a piece.  I’m not sure how they became linked with Mardi Gras.  The pair are, now, inseparable.  Hoards of people stand on the side of the street screaming for moon pies.  Once tossed to the crowd, adults and kids jump to grab them and then scour the sidewalk for the ones that got away. It would be easier to go to the store and buy them off the shelf.

The Moon Pie is so iconic to Mobile, that on New Year’s Eve we drop a giant replica from the side of a hotel.

The newspaper, or what passes for a paper, is filled with recipes that use the sought after treat.  I’ve heard the moon pies you buy at the store aren’t as good as the ones you catch in the wilds of the parade. If all else fails and you find yourself with a mess of moon pies, deep fry them.

What’s your favorite flavor?


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