Mardi Gras part 4, Throws

Throw me something Mister!

Mardi Gras loot from the MOTs.

Mardi Gras loot from the MOTs.

When you think of Mardi Gras, most people think  of the parades. Thousands crowd the street, jumping up and down and screaming, “Throw me somethin’ Mister!”  Just remember to keep your shirt on, this ain’t New Orleans.  What in the world could all these people want?

Throws.  Mardi Gras throws.  There are rules about what the masked riders can throw.  There’s also tradition.  There’s plenty of candy, stuffed animals, Frisbee’s, and plastic cups.  Those are great, but I want the big 3.

The Big 3 of Mardi Gras Throws:

  1. Beads– Cheap plastic bead necklaces they may be, but they are hot! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the more unique the better.  The added bonus: Krispy Kreme doughnuts will give you a dozen free hot nows for a 12 lb. bag of beads.  A local school for the disabled uses them for job training.
    This year I noticed the society abbreviations made in plastic and light up.  That was fun to get, the kids love anything that lights up.  The group emblem is also a great necklace to get.  The MOTs emblem is a dragon.

    Dragon float.

    Dragon float.

  2. doubloons-These are the holy grail of Mardi Gras. Each Mystic Society has coins made with their emblem. They also have them made new each year with the theme and year printed on them. Not every masked rider throws them, and in my experience they’re a bit stingy with them. The masked riders buy their own throws, doubloons are pricy to buy. They are hard to catch and find in the dark.  They are my favorite throw.  I’ll give up all the moon pies for doubloons. We did manage to catch a few this year, all were general and not specific to the parade.  It’s not just me that loves these coins.  There is a collectors club for Mardi Gras doubloons.

    An MOT marshal.

    An MOT marshal.

  3. Moon Pies- The traditional catch and snack food of the parade.  I don’t eat Moon Pies, but they are fun to catch and give away.

Two hours of chasing floats rendered quite a haul.  I am hoarse, tired, and coming down with a cold.  But it was worth it.  The MOTs (mystics of time) have several dragons that lead their parade.  They undulate down the street and breath smoke and fire.  This was my first MOT parade and the first parade we took our children to in downtown Mobile.  It was awesome.  We ate over priced nachos, boiled peanuts, and corn dogs while waiting for the parade. We met visitors from out of town and got hit in the head with more than one bag of unopened beads.  And for the record, Raman Noodles hurt!

Even horses get a mani and pedi for Mardi Gras.

Even horses get a mani and pedi for Mardi Gras.

Happy Lundi Gras,


2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras part 4, Throws

  1. Being a Northener who has never been to Mardi Gras, I must say… I thought it was only beads (and if I thought on it some, maybe candy like my local parades). I never imagined Ramen or considered other stuff. Thank you for bursting my bubble of “duh!” 😉


    • Every year they add new things to the throw list. Ramen is the newest! I’ve heard they’ve thrown pantyhose and I think I saw a roll of toilet paper fly. The cool stuff has the Society’s name on them.

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