2015 Liebster Award

Thank you Gloria for the Liebster Award nod. Make sure you check her blog it’s always a great read. She has sent me questions to answer, then I add questions and tag a few more people.  I’m not great at coming up with questions, so we’ll see how this goes.

1- Imagine time travel vacations were possible. Would you rather go to the past or the future?  When exactly?  Why?
Can I do both?  I would love to travel back in the past,  history buff, like Elizabethan England. But I’m a huge fan of modern plumbing, so it would be a really short trip.  That time period has always fascinated me.  The clothes, intrigue, and advances. Sounds like a fun vacation. But I would really like to go to the future, if for no other reason than to find out if we ever learn from our mistakes. If we end up like planet of the Apes, I’ll be disappointed.
2- Name a genre you would find very hard to write.  Why is it hard for you to write?
Science fiction.  I love to watch it, but have difficulty watching it much less write it.  It’s too technical and logical.
3- Favorite brand and flavor of tea? (Or coffee if you must.)
Twinings Irish Breakfast.  There is no better brand. I’ve tried others, but I adore Twinings.
4- Favorite fairy tale everyone knows.  Favorite lesser known fairy tale.
That’s a hard one. I love Sleeping Beauty, always have.  Not for the love story as much as for the three fairies and dragon. Yes, I know that’s the Disney version.  A lesser known fairy tale? Mind goes blank.
5- If you were someone’s pet, what kind of animal would you be and what would your owner be like?
A hedgehog.  Small, cute, and prickly.Either that or a house cat. My owner would be very tolerant of mood swings and feed me lots of treats, because it makes me happy.  They would under no circumstances dress me in goofy outfits.
6- We’ve heard of Potterheads, Twihards, and other literary fandoms.  What would your readers be called and why?
Gator Gang ?!  my blog banner has a gator and they pop up quite often in my writing.
7- What was your favorite show as a kid? What do you remember most about it?  Why did you like it?
MASH. Why? Becasue it is by far the best thing that has ever been on TV. A great ensemble cast.  The writers were witty and timely.  Heck, the reruns are still timely.
8- Outline or pantsing?  Why?
Outline, I tend to be a bit of a control freak.  I do better if I have some idea of where the story is going.  I have no problem with u-turns and side trips, but I need a basic road map.
9- What’s your favorite dessert?  Share the recipe?
My grandmother’s fudge.  This isn’t the marshmallow creme variety.  This is the real old fashioned candy fudge.  The kind you need a degree in chemistry to make it. My mother makes it several times a year and in my $# years I have never been able to get it right.
10- What’s the most useful book or piece of advice that has helped you with your writing?
Just write. Don’t edit as you go, just get it down.  The first time I sat down to really write something, I stopped after the first week.  I made the mistake of rereading what I had wrote.  It was terrible, so I went about fixing it.  So of course I never finished. Now, I just write it down.  Let it rest for a few weeks, then go back and reread it.
Well, those were fun.  Thanks Gloria for the nod and some really great questions.  Now for the hard part.
1. What is your favorite part of writing?
2. Are you crafty? If so, what is your go-to craft?  (Closet knitter, secret decoupager,…)
3.  Have you ever wanted to use a foreign country, as the main setting,  in a novel?  Which one and why?
4. What band, from your youth, do you adore?  Dig deep.
5. What made you decide to pursue writing? What was the first piece that made you say, “Wow that’s not bad. “?
6. When you were small, what did you want to be when you grew up?  Why did you change your mind?
7.  What genre do you love to read, but not write? Why?
8. What one meal reminds you of home? Why?
9.  Is there a place you go to, that calms you and reinvigorates you (real or imagined)?
10.  Which location from a book, do you most want to visit?
There you go. I hope that keeps you entertained for a while.  Now, I nominate:
These are 3 blogs I really enjoy reading, so check them out.

One thought on “2015 Liebster Award

  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! 🙂

    Loved your answers. May you one day master your grandmother’s fudge recipe so it cannot be lost. Or better, have your mom teach the kids! 😉


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