Sunday Row80 Check-in

The end of round 1 is in sight.  Which is probably a good thing. I feel a bit out of sync, much like yelling into a hurricane but not as exciting.  Maybe it’s looking for a job and trying to reach writing goals, I don’t know.

Enough babbling:

Row80 Goals:

Writing: new novella.  25,000 words.  Finished!

Editing:  Edit my NaNoWriMo project, first 50 pages.  Nope.

Submissions: Submit to one editor/agent a week.  Didn’t send any out this week, although I did receive a rejection.

Health: One exercise session a week.  No. 

The Great Purge: Taking one room at a time. Still working on the kitchen. The amount of plastic containers we have acquired is amazing.  Especially when one considers the number without lids.

W&*(^t :  Goal 3 healthy snacks a week. Does chocolate yogurt count as a healthy snack?  It was either that or ice cream.  I think I chose well.

I hope your goals are going well.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Row80 Check-in

  1. We’re purging, too. I feel so good that I got rid of two garbage bags full of clothes yesterday, and some old pans were recycled. It feels good to reduce the overall clutter – I’m thinking keeping things tidy is going to be a much easier matter once we’ve dug through the entire house (and the yard).

    Congratulations on the novella draft – I’m slated to write two next month, and, as I move through the plotting process, I’m getting pretty excited!

    I hope the job search proves fruitful! =D


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