Split personality…

At times I feel like I have a split personality.  Maybe that’s not the right word, but I am divided.  Last year, I gave up my sewing space and dropped out of the quilt guild because I had no time.  I was concentrating on writing and the kids needed the space for homework.   I knew I couldn’t have two demanding interests/desires/obsessions.

Now, I have an itch that won’t go away. I find myself in my “old” sewing space fondling a piece of velvet or sorting through my grandmother’s buttons. By some strange course of events I found myself in line at the local fabric store with an arm full of fabrics and trims.  I told myself, “It’s for Z-girl’s birthday.  It’s not for me.” Let’s be real, it’s for me.  I pulled my beloved machine out of exile and grinned.

“It’s been a long time, baby.”

I spent my day off making a costume for Z-girl.  It wasn’t fair her sister had a costume for Free Comic Book Day and she did not. Any thing to get the kids to read…right.

I thought if I made the costume, the itch would go away.  It didn’t.  I found myself back at the fabric store with a handful of fabrics and patterns.  Now I have a snazzy pink, ruffled apron to wear at work.  Like I really need an apron for work.

The itch is still there and now it’s spreading.

What does that mean? It means I have too much I want to do and not enough time and energy to do it all. I have to find a balance between the two. So while I work on that, here’s a picture of my little Super Heroes.

Heroes in waiting.

Heroes in waiting.

I made the Hawkgirl costume and the mace.


2 thoughts on “Split personality…

  1. My husband had to work on free comic book day (and took the car with him), so I missed out. Now I’m just waiting to find out if my subscription to A-FORCE (the all female avengers led by She-Hulk) will arrive on release day or be sent to me. (I totally squeed when I learned Marvel sent comics to houses the way magazines do.)

    But, I feel your pain about hobbies and writing and trying to find a balance. My balance is I deny myself such things. It isn’t a good one. If you figure out how to do it all, let me know okay?


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