I know you’ve heard me say, “I don’t read romance.”  I avoid books in the library with the little Romance sticker.  Outlander, took me by surprise.  First off, I didn’t know it was a romance.  I knew from the cover there would be a love interest and if I had noticed the romance sticker, I would have walked on by.

I’m glad I didn’t. Now, I’m obsessed. I’m not sure if it started with the first book or the TV show.  Somewhere along the way I fell in love with the whole thing. I bought the first book on my Kindle and quickly bought the next two.  I’m still reading Voyager, and have book 4 on hold at the library.  My husband is threatening to take my Amazon card away.

There are many things I like about this series.  I’m skipping the obvious, Jamie.

Here’s my top 5:

1.  It’s genre crushing.  Meaning it’s fantasy, romance, historical, and adventure. It comfortably crosses all sorts of lines, without seeming forced.

2.  Surprise.  There are little surprises hiding in each book.  A cameo by the likes of the Loch Ness monster could have gone terribly wrong, but it works.

3.  Well written. This is where you have a well thought out plot, great characters, and beautiful writing.

4. Structure. The structure of each book is different.  They don’t always start at the beginning.  Each book has a different feel and is told in a different way. In the first book, the story is told in a linear fashion. The second book is more of a flashback interrupted by the “current” story line. It’s actually refreshing.

5.  Time Travel. The notion of a modern (somewhat) woman going back to the 1700s is interesting. I like seeing the differences between the times through the eyes of Claire.  Little things like smelly men and young women with missing teeth make it much more believable.

There you go, my top 5 and I didn’t even mention men in kilts.

If you haven’t read Outlander yet, go for it.


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