Summer To-do List

Bob says, "Get to work."

Bob says, “Get to work.”

I’ve had a terrible time writing this summer. We’ve been too busy. I settled in my easy chair after a day of running the children from place to place and thought about what I could do. Hiring a nanny and chauffeur is out. Letting my 12 yr old do all the driving is frowned upon in the city. My transporter has yet to arrive from Amazon.  That leaves:

  • Read– yes that’s right read.  A writer must read. There’s reading for enjoyment and then there’s reading for improvement and research.  All are a necessity for writers. Reading popular books in and out of my genre is helpful in exposing me to other ways of doing something. That’s vague!  Example:One cozy mystery is similar to other cozy mysteries. Characters, setting, and theme are different. You know a cozy when you read it. Reading different authors allows me to see how they handle the cozy genre. What boundaries are they pushing? What’s different/fresh with this story over another? Reading outside my genre allows me to see what is possible beyond. I don’t write juvenile/YA literature but I enjoy reading it. It gives me perspective on what is on the minds of YA readers.  I can also catchup on my nonfiction “writing” books. Just got a new one in the mail last week and I have 3 on my Kindle to read this summer on self-publishing.  Reading is essential.
  • CraftYes, I went there. This is funny, since I just read an article on this in the current issue of Writer’s Digest. Working on a different hobby can enhance your creativity and writing. As I teach my kids to sew PJs this summer I am using a different part of my brain.  I’m flexing that creative muscle in a different area.
  • Writing Prompts– short writing sprints that have nothing to do with a current project. It’s fun just to write for the sake of writing.  It’s just to see what happens.
  • Edit- I have 4 short stories that are almost ready to be released upon the world. I want to get them trimmed up and ready.
  • Reconnect– I need to go back over to Critique Circle. When I was active it was helpful.

I think that’s enough to accomplish over summer.

What summer goals do you have?


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