photo by Sharee Jablonski

photo by Sharee Jablonski

Change has been the topic of conversation over the last few weeks. Change can be a good thing or it can be dangerous. Sometimes it’s both. This is not a commentary on current events, more of  historical insight.

Change is what moves plot forward. Whether it’s change going on around  or within the protagonist.

Change is good. Change is hard.

As we write, we need to consider how our characters react to change.

I hate change in my personal life. I like a schedule and I stick to it. When things come up and cause me to alter my preordained schedule …let’s just say it makes me grumpy.

How will your character react to change? Do they dig in their heels? Do they stomp around in a rage or curl up in a ball and cry? Do they smile and roll with it?

The reaction might depend on the type of change that occurs.

John may react differently to finding out his wife lost her job then if she is promoted but the job requires a move 3,000 miles away.

Another issue is motivation.

Why does the character hate/love change? What happened in their past that causes this reaction?

Did John move around a lot as a child? Military and missionary families endure change on a regular basis. That constant movement can lead to an adult who craves a single place to call home or one who has itchy feet and never lives in the same place for long.

All reactions to a stimulus are a result of motivation and experience. This is where back story comes in handy.

Change causes friction, friction makes the plot move along.

How do you deal with change?



One thought on “Change

  1. Very good insights.

    As for me and change? We don’t get along when its personal. I’m not saying, middle of the street fist fight, but rather I’ve become a bit of a coward as I’ve aged. And change does a number on me. Panic attacks and worrying. Though, I accept it has to happen and it is often for the best. So, I take my time and adjust until it becomes the norm.


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