Alicia- Cover Reveal

One of the great things about having a blog is helping out cover reveals. Today I get to do just that.  Gloria Weber has a new short story coming out on August 18. You can catch her hear on August 19th for a guest post. If you haven’t read her blog, I highly recommend it.  So here you go…….


Published by Solstice Publishing (Summer Solstice imprint)
Release Date: August 18, 2015


Leon has decided it is better to remain silent and accused of Alicia’s murder than admit the truth. The truth, well… that’s so unbelievable it’s crazy. Not that Detective Dorndorf believes a word that comes out of Leon’s mouth. Dorndorf just wants a confession and figures dragging Leon to the last spot Alicia was seen might just pry it out of him. Will the detective’s plan work or will the truth come out?

Price: $0.99
Expected To Be Sold At: Amazon (for kindle) and Solstice Publishing’s website (

Gloria Weber lives in Ohio with her husband, son, daughter, and many pets. She has been writing for publication since March 2006 with over a dozen titles published. Her favorite letter is L.

Twitter: @GloriaWeber ~

But wait, there’s more.  Here is a book trailer for Alicia.

Let’s do a short recap: Alicia by Gloria Weber will be released August 18, 2015

Gloria will be here August 19th for a guest post.  I can’t wait to read to find out what happened to Alicia. 


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