Row80- Jumping in Midway

I know this round of Row80 is about midway through, but I could really use some help with goals. So, I’m just jumping in now. If you haven’t tried Row80 hop on over to the blog home and check it out. Be sure to visit the other blogs and give a little encouragement.

Goals for the remainder of this round (not really sure when it ends):

  1.  Edit/review 4 chapters of my WIP per day. I must check for head hopping and rushing the scene.
  2. Be more social online. I’ve become a bit of a hermit. Comment on 4 blogs a week.
  3. Critique one story a week on Critique Circle.
  4. Do the prep work for a new Halloween story stirring around in my brain. I have no clue how to measure that.
  5. Get a post office box so my address doesn’t show up on mail chimp.
  6. Participate more on author facebook groups. Stop lurking. Again how do I measure that.
  7. Write a promotional post for my new release.
  8. Write a guest post for my new release. If anyone is interested in helping read this.
  9. Have new photos taken for promotion-maybe.
  10. Learn to like marketing.
  11. Turn in daily assignments for Story Arc class on time.
  12. Learn the rules to volleyball. My oldest is on the school team and I’m almost clueless.
  13. Scare my kids with Festus, the stuffed rat.
  14. Decorate for Halloween.

GeeWhiz, that makes me dizzy just reading it. Pass the chocolate.



3 thoughts on “Row80- Jumping in Midway

  1. Best thing about ROW80 is you can join whenever you want. 🙂

    My father-in-law was tempted to get a PO Box (forget why) and marveled at how cheap they are (“Only $48 a year!”). I’ve considered getting one too, but I need more of a reason (current level of career doesn’t warrant it).

    I hear your pain about “to do list” like goals that either done or not. I either put a due date on them or make them into smaller goals I can work on weekly. Maybe that helps you figure out how to tackle them?

    Good luck! Welcome back!


  2. Like you I’m trying to learn to love marketing, and I can be a bit of a hermit, too. (I always justify it by saying that Emily Dickenson was a hermit, but that reasoning only gets me so far. LOL.)

    I love a good Halloween story. What is yours about? Is it a mystery?

    Good luck with this round of ROW80!


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