Row80 Sunday 1

It’s the Sunday edition of Row80. Click here to visit the other blogs and leave a word of encouragement.  It’s been a busy week. The girls had volleyball and football games to attend, not to mention clothes shopping. Yuk! I miss the days when I could go to the store alone, pick it out, and they would gladly wear it. Now they have an opinion on everything. It can be fun but it’s also trying.  Gotta love ’em. On with the goals.


  1.  Edit/review 4 chapters of my WIP per day. I must check for head hopping and rushing the scene. I’m already behind on this, 8 chapters behind.
  2. Be more social online. I’ve become a bit of a hermit. Comment on 4 blogs a week. Check.
  3. Critique one story a week on Critique Circle. I actually critiqued two, last night! Check.
  4. Do the prep work for a new Halloween story stirring around in my brain. I have no clue how to measure that. Most of the prep work has been in my head. I do have a cast of characters and a few scenes plotted.
  5. Get a post office box so my address doesn’t show up on mail chimp. Not yet.
  6. Participate more on author facebook groups. Stop lurking. Again how do I measure that.  I did join in on a conversation.
  7. Write a promotional post for my new release. I have the rough draft written. I wrote one promo for each short story. I think they look snazzy.
  8. Write a guest post for my new release. If anyone is interested in helping read this. I have the rough draft written.
  9. Have new photos taken for promotion-maybe.  Nada.
  10. Learn to like marketing. HA!
  11. Turn in daily assignments for Story Arc class on time. So far so good. I have a long assignment do Thursday and need to work on it today, but so far I am up to date.
  12. Learn the rules to volleyball. My oldest is on the school team and I’m almost clueless. Nada.
  13. Scare my kids with Festus, the stuffed rat. Festus needs help. I have failed in scaring the kids so far. Any ideas?
  14. Decorate for Halloween.  Done!
Festus gets in the way, again.

Festus gets in the way, again.

I think I did OK. It’s been a busy week. Working on the promo stuff made me feel a lot better.

How did your week go?



2 thoughts on “Row80 Sunday 1

  1. It’s been a rough weekend here, what with being sick and leaving keys at work, boss is on vacation at the evil day job and I am covering, and there’s Music Man rehearsals. I could go on. But enough of that 🙂

    Progress is progress though.

    Is that a Halloween town? That is cool!!


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