Final Row80

It’s that time, the final check-in for Row80. Hmm, for jumping in last minute, not a terrible job. Having to tell the world my progress, does help with staying on track. There’s a few goals that will hold over until the next round. Click here to visit the other blogs and offer a word of encouragement.

  1.  Edit/review 4 chapters of my WIP per day. I must check for head hopping and rushing the scene. I did not keep up with this. At first glance 4 chapters a day sounds doable. My chapters are usually short. But with life and a writing class I just wasn’t able to keep it up.
  2. Be more social online. I’ve become a bit of a hermit. Comment on 4 blogs a week. Check. Easy Peasy.
  3. Critique one story a week on Critique Circle. Check. I actually critiqued a total of 4 stories. Today my short story is up for critique. Yikes!
  4. Do the prep work for a new Halloween story stirring around in my brain. I have no clue how to measure that. I made a little progress, but not enough.
  5. Get a post office box so my address doesn’t show up on mail chimp. Not yet.
  6. Participate more on author facebook groups. Stop lurking. Again how do I measure that.  Check.
  7. Write a promotional post for my new release.
  8. Write a guest post for my new release. If anyone is interested in helping read this.
  9. Have new photos taken for promotion-maybeDone!
  10. Learn to like marketing. HA!  Good Luck with that ever happening.
  11. Turn in daily assignments for Story Arc class on time. Today is the last day of class. My brain hurt by the time I finished yesterday’s assignment. I have revisions that need to be made in my WIP and as I get to them in goal #1, I will make the changes. A big part of the ending needs to be rewritten.
  12. Learn the rules to volleyball. My oldest is on the school team and I’m almost clueless. Nada. At this point it’s not happening. The season ends on the 3rd. I did learn some of the rules. I’m just not fluent in volleyball.
  13. Scare my kids with Festus, the stuffed rat. Festus needs help. These kids are a tough bunch.
  14. Decorate for Halloween.  Done!

Overall, I’m pleased with my progress. I have more goals for the next round. I’m thinking of doing NaNoWriMo again. I was a winner last November. I think a deadline is good for me.

How did you do with your goals?


6 thoughts on “Final Row80

  1. You did very well for jumping in so close to the end! Wahoo!

    For revisions, I’ve created a plan, and keep track of time spent and whatever step I happen to be on. It’s not perfect, but it does let me keep track to some extent.

    #13 on your list made me chuckle. My daughter has a thing for dangerous predators. She has a giant rubber black widow spider that she left upside down in the hallway. It terrified her arachnophobic brother!

    Looking forward to seeing you next round, and possibly during NaNo as well, because I just don’t like to miss a NaNo. =)


  2. Some stuff is going to take time to figure out, or accomplished. You made a sizable dent in your goals and you learned what you could do, what you can improve upon, and had a good time doing (I hope). Are you coming back for Round 4? Good job!! 🙂


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